Bathroom Remodeling Company Serving Cullman Alabama


We are a residential and commercial bathroom design and remodeling company that offers services for all Cullman Alabama business and homes regardless of size and capacity. We install & repair bathroom flooring, bathroom walls, sinks, bathtubs, showers and more! Call and ask us about any of our bathroom renovation contracting services - 256-734-0003.

  • * Bathroom Hardwood Restoration
  • * Bathroom Paint Restoration
  • * Bathroom Subfloor Repair
  • * Caulking
  • * Bathroom Sealing
  • * Exhaust & Fans
  • * Bathroom Drywall Repair
  • * New Shower Installation
  • * Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
  • * Moisture Repair
  • * Crack Repair
  • * Bathroom Vanities
  • * Bathroom Cabinets
Hendrix Bathroom Cabinet and Flooring


We specialize in building custom bathroom cabinets as well as bathroom cabinet repair and cabinet restoration in Cullman County Alabama. Have you been dreaming of a shower remodel using your own unique design? If so, our home improvement contractors can build and implement that design specifically to your specifications whether it's a small bathroom remodel or a large bathroom remodel.

* Bathroom Planning
* Redesign
* Structural Repair
* Floor Water Damage
* Wall Water Damage
* Laminate Flooring
* Tile Flooring
* Hardwood Flooring

Cullman's Bathroom Contractor

We tailor designs that meet the requirements of your bathroom renovation ideas. From bathroom hardwood floor repair or bathroom tile flooring installation to custom bathroom ceiling architecture repair, Hendrix builds and remodels bathrooms with state of the art technology and skill.

Is your bathroom to small? We can make it larger! Do you need a bathroom contractor to replace your bathroom sink or bathtub? We can do it! Call us today for all of your bathroom renovation or bathroom repair questions, we will be glad to answer them.